Join Linda at Mylan’s Gift Shop on Sat. Nov. 12, 2011

by Linda Thornton on September 19, 2011

This is your invitation to

"Linda Thornton"

Let me help.

Join Linda for a book signing and reception at:

"Divorce: AN Essential Guide to the Inevitable Questions"

Linda's new book answers your questions on divorce

Mylan’s Gift Shop

16 Walter Martin Road, Fort Walton Beach, Florida


from 1:00 PM  to 3:00 PM

We look forward to seeing you there.

Call 850 226-6381 for more information


SEO Networker – promises to be a Google hit!

by Linda Thornton on August 23, 2011

No Excuses In July 2010

SEO Networkers Fermy and Ray with me

My friends, Raymond Fong and Fernado Ceballos, the SEO Networkers have done it again. They are two of the best known online producers of real products that do real work of helping search engines find their customers. They do it through SEO.  This time they have a great new product for your online business. Why do you care?

As an online business and relationship coach part of my job is to let you know when great things happen that can help you improve your business.  This is one of those things. You want to be found and SEO will help make that happen.

Well, SEO, short for search engine optimization,  is a real challenge for the novice and is a huge help in getting your website or online business the traffic you need to be successful.

Google is well know for changing what is good and what is not and without Google, if you have an online business it might as well be in the middle of the desert. SEO is like putting you on the map and adding neon lights to flash the way so your clients find you you.

No business can survive without clients or customers and online, most of them will find you by using Google. When Ray and Fermy provide a product they test and tweak and know it works.  Their proven track record will  help your business find it’s rightful place on page one Google – above the fold.  Take advantage of this new product and get your business on the map. Check out Ray and Fermy for yourself who they are and what they have to offer, you will not be disappointed.  If your business is off line.  Having good SEO in an website can boost your sales because almost everyone hits their computer search bar before they tackle the yellow pages.


Divorce: An Essential Guide

June 28, 2011

Linda’s new book answers your questions on divorce

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